Flower Delivery for the Isle of Wight


All our bouquets and container arrangements are freshly made to order and tastefully wrapped in natural craft papers, Cellophane is used only for water bags. We then finish off with either raffia or organza ribbon.

    Monkey Candle Holder

    From £15

    Flower Arranging Jar

    From £30

    Wax Melter Gift Set

    From £20

    Lion Candle Holder

    From £15

    Leopard Candle Holder

    From £15

    Candle Jar

    From £6.50

    Vintage Candelabra

    From £20

    Dried Wreath

    From £20

    Candle Bundle

    From £5

    Ceramic Mister

    From £13

    Coloured Glass Vase

    From £13.50

    Artichoke T-Light

    From £8

    Monstera Hook

    From £8.95

    Fern Leaf Small Votive

    From £5.75

    Fern Leaf Large Votive

    From £12.50

    Fern Leaf Hurricane

    From £22

    Vintage Flower Ring Candleholder

    From £39

    Vase Blue Leaf Large

    From £42

    Monstera T-light Holder

    From £20

    Metal Latern

    From £23.50

    Shed Soy Candle

    From £12.50

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